Wednesday, 4 September 2013

More"View from My Window"and...

Just a little bit of this and that...

Not sure if I ever mentioned but I am undertaking a little project this year to endeavour to take a photo each day of the year...
It has been going very successfully and although there have been one or two days when I have slipped up and forgotten, I have managed to get a photo every day. I am finding  it is a great way to open my eyes to what is happening around me, nature and life in general.
I made up twelve little for each month of the year and at the end of each month, I print out my photos for the month, stick them in my book, write a caption and on the last page a little re-cap of what has been happening during the month.

It is amazing how quickly the months fly by and I have just completed my album for August...only four books to go!!

Now, what I really started off to write about today is what my photo happened to be for today.
This amazing bird was our visitor to the Grevillea this morning... is a Black Cockatoo
Isn't he amazing... he is so big!!

Another 'view from my window' is this amazing fruit which I noticed in our garden this morning!!

It is growing on our orange tree and somehow has forgotten that oranges are supposed to be 'round'!! Very strange!!

Ben reminded me too that it has been a while since he made an appearance on our blog!!  So I need to put that right so here is a beautiful photo I took of him recently at his favourite place, the beach. He is almost 8 and a half now and a little whiter around his gorgeous sandy nose but ever so handsome don't you think??

Oh and just one more thing before I go and this  may surprise you....I actually finished a stitching project recently!! Yes, I am happy to announce that I actually did.  Here is my Shepherd's Bush In My Garden needle roll.  Quite appropriate really I guess since I have been talking a lot lately about the view from my window and what is in  my garden!!

" A good snapshot stops a moment from running away"
~ Eudora Welty