Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Sarah 1986 ~ 2001

Our Faithful Friend

You were the start of our love affair with Labrador Retrievers. Thank you 'Our Special Ginger Friend' for over 15 years of being such a special part of our family. We remember you with much love and you will always hold a special place in our hearts.

Sunday, 27 July 2008

~A Wonderful Day~

Yesterday, was my birthday and I had such a beautiful day. The kind that was really perfect for me and that is one spent with my family. My dear family and friends made me feel so special and blessed and I had two wonderful gifts that I want to tell you about, sent to me from two of my dearest stitching friends. I have so much to show you. Look at these wonderful gifts....

Thank you Sandra for my beautiful bourse.

The inside is stitched with a design that Sandra has matched perfectly to the fabric she has chosen for the outside of the bourse and the buttons match so well as does the little fabric envelope she has made to hold a dear little card. So much thought has gone into it and as with all of Sandra's stitching, it is just perfect.

Along with my bourse, Sandra also sent me all these other wonderful treasures, seven beautiful GAST threads, silk ribbons, fabulous William Morris charm squares, a Whitman's Sampler tin and a little acorn waxer which she made herself and look at her perfect choice of card :)

Thank you so much Sandra.
Now as if I wasn't spoilt enough with all those beautiful things, another of my dear friends, Mary, sent me this exciting gift.
Isn't this just beautiful! It is a holder for a Clover cutter and is stitched on dupion silk with tiny bullion knots and satin stitched leaves. So tiny and delicate. It is edged with beads and hangs from a silk ribbon. The back has been stitched with my initials.And there is more......
Look at what else I received. Beautiful notecards and envelopes personalised with my name and with a photo of a person's hands stitching, and a darling little tin filled with chocolates and in the shape of a tiny suitcase. The other little thing I hope you can see in the photo is something I will find most useful. It is a handy little gadget for counting out the threads on your fabric. It is two needles attached together with a twisted cord and held by a pretty bead. You poke one needle into where you start to count use the other needle to count over the threads. What a great idea.
Remember I mentioned in a previous blog post about Mary making cards, well once again I have been the lucky recipient of one of them.

My photo doesn't do it justice but it is so pretty with the most delightful verse.
Thank you so much Sandra and Mary. Your friendship and creative gifts will be treasured always.
Speaking of handmade cards, I want to show you another card I received from my beautiful daughter.

Samantha made me this card for my birthday. She has written the most amazing words inside that brought me to tears. So very, very special and from her heart. I have always kept the cards my three children have made for me right from their kindergarten days and they are SO special to me and this one is just beautiful. 'Thank you Sam for being not only a beautiful daughter but also a wonderful friend.'

"Flutter by butterfly
Floating flower in the sky
Kiss me with your petal wings
Whisper secrets, tell of spring."

.....The words from Mary's card

Monday, 21 July 2008

I Haven't Been Idle

Although it might seem as though I have, but no, I have been quietly working away on one or two little things. Our ornament for July in my stitch-along with Sandra was from With My Needle "Christmas Swan Needlebook" and is the second one we have stitched in a series of ornaments from this designer. They match our "Needleworker's Pocket" that we did back in May.

Here is my version...

And Sandra's version...

Even although this is quite a small design, it is amazing how much time is involved in the assembly. Small is often fiddly and I found this little one quite fiddly and after a few silly mistakes on my part, I am happy with how it ended up.

The tin is starting to look quite full.

I also finished another little ornament but I will save that one to show you another time.

Yesterday, I needed to go to get some things from my local Spotlight store and found these lovely little tins which of course I couldn't resist.

Could you blame me!!

The only place where housework comes before needlework is in the dictionary.

~Mary Kurtz