Thursday, 11 August 2011

H E L P !!!

I am still baffled by Blogger/ Google/ Picasa and if any readers can offer this old technically challenged person, who really tries to keep up with all this but is about to give up, any help, please please do so!!

In my Picasa web album all of a sudden I have an album that has appeared in my Public gallery called "Just Me and My Shadow" in which it has all 400 odd photos I have on myBlog. It was never there before, just showed up.  There are three visibility settings in Picasa...'Public','Limited to anyone with link', and 'Limited'. If I change it to Anyone withLink which is supposedly the default setting, my photos disappear off my Blog!! If I change it back to 'Public' they re-appear.  Obviously, I want to have them visible on my Blog or what is the use of a Blog but WHY do they have to be Public in my Picasa album and WHY are they there in the  first place when they never were before??????

GGGGGRRRRR!! Can you feel my frustration?????

I need help as I just can't figure it out!!


PS You can see my Picasa album via the link in my sidebar on here.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Blog disasters!!

Blogger and Picasa are causing me all kinds of headaches at present and I am not technically minded enough to be able to sort it out.  I have even contemplated just calling it a day as far as Blogging goes although over the years I have spent many hours working on my Blog and would be a bit sad pulling the plug completely.  So for the meantime.....sorry if you are seeing lots of missing photos and what looks like 'no entry ' signs. Being the technophobe I am I just can't seem to get my head around how to fix it.