Wednesday, 19 February 2014

~ Just had to share:) ~

I just had to show you this little blessing that I received yesterday....
I was photographing a little project I made ( if you are interested in seeing more you can see it here ) but I will show you here what happened.:)

This is my little Pocket Full of Posies.... but look closer....

Yes, it is a real live little bee that had come to check out the flowers LOL!!
I think it is a Blue banded bee.  Isn't that just so special and a lovely blessing from nature :)

If you truly love Nature, you will find beauty everywhere.  ~Vincent Van Gogh

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Monday, 17 February 2014

~ Family ~

On my last post I mentioned I had several projects to share with you and so here is another of them. This one, I cannot take any credit for as this is a creation of my daughter and I have to say how proud I am of her making this.  Over the holidays while she was home, she decided she was going to buy herself a sewing machine.  I thought this was a great idea so was behind her all the way.  She bought the machine and then raided the fabric drawers to find some pieces of fabrics to start her sewing journey.
Here is what she created for her first project and I think she did an amazing job  of creating something out of odd bits. .  

She has since produced several more great projects including a journal cover, a book cover an organiser for her car... I am very impressed :)

Here is little cross stitched project I did.  This is a Sweetheart Tree chart and I changed the colours from amethysts to blues.. It was a gift for my sister and her colours are blues so here is how it turned out.

Summer is still here in Australia and I have to say I am actually looking forward to the temperatures getting a little cooler when beautiful autumn arrives...Ahhh autumn,,,,,I think it might just have to be my most favourite season!!
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