Saturday, 28 June 2008

Dear Friendships

Recently, I was so happy to catch up with a dear friend I made through our love of stitching. Mary lives in Melbourne and we were fortunate to cross paths via the Internet several years ago and have since met on a few occassions and keep in contact via emails. Mary turns her hand to all manner of crafts. Not only does she do the most beautiful stitching she also makes gorgeous cards in which she writes so nicely. Whilst holidaying here with her family it was so good to catch up again and spend a lovely day doing the things stitchers love to do ~ visit stitching stores, talk stitching, have show and tell and exchange gifts. Mary gave me the most wonderful gift that I have to show you. I wish I could show you how beautifully wrapped it was but sadly I never had my camera with me and of course couldn't wait to open it. Look at these ....

yes ~ not one but three of the prettiest pincushions you could imagine. One thing I can tell you is they will not be having pins poked into them. They are just far too pretty for that.

Now, picture these beauties all individually wrapped in tissue paper with their pretty little flowers heads poking out like little cupcakes and tied with pink ribbon in side this gorgeous tin along with four other individually wrapped gifts which were these other wonderful tins.

There were also two of the sweetest little magnets in the shape of little chocolates and look at the card handmade by Mary as well. All the wrapping matched the colour of the card. Thank you SO much dear Mary for the thoughtful and beautiful gift and for the lovely time I spent with you.

Some paint lovely pictures, Others write good books,
Some make peaceful gardens, Others are fine cooks,
But the talent that endureth, That matters in the end,
Is the tenderness and caring That makes a faithful friend.

~ Jean Harris Quoted in Francis Gay's Friendship book 1994

Sunday, 22 June 2008

Small Finishes and a Little Stash

It is now safely in the tin along with it's other five predecessors. Six down ~ six to go!! Here are our two versions for June. Brightneedle ~ To Thee Peace from 2003 Just Cross Stitch Ornament Book.
Sandra stitched her version over one......

and me ~ well, guess who didn't read the instructions correctly and stitched hers over two!! The fabric shown behind our stockings is what we backed them with.

Oh well, it makes it interesting and different to say the least :)

My other little finish is this heart door/drawer hanger, a gift for my friend Mary.
It is taken from one of the blocks of Shepherd Bush Wandering Vine.

After recently enjoying a couple of Stacy Nash Primitive Designs finishes, decided it was time for some new Stacy stash. This lovely raw linen, four fat quarters with a very country feel and these charts arrived the other day so I look forward to a new Stacy start soon.

I have been trying to get a little more done on my CHS Strawberry Blonde before making a new start just so it doesn't feel neglected.

My shadow reminded me that he hadn't made an appearance recently so I thought I better show you another photo of him so here is the lazy thing lying at the top of the stairs the other day looking very sleepy :)

"Labradors [are] lousy watchdogs. They usually bark when there is a stranger about, but it is an expression of unmitigated joy at the chance to meet somebody new, not a warning." ~Norman Strung

Friday, 13 June 2008

I can now reveal......

something I had been working on for a little while but couldn't show you as it was a gift for my friend Sandra's birthday which was yesterday. Sandra and I have never met as yet but have become great friends or as I call it 'email buddies'. It is lovely to have a friend who shares the same enthusiasm and love of stitching as I do and although we are on different sides of the world the Internet has made it easy to develop a lovely friendship and hopefully next year we may be able to meet in person.

Here is what I stitched for Sandra.....

It is part of a Carriage House Samplings chart called The Song They Sang and I made it into a biscornu. It is stitched with NPI Silks and I added the tassels and beads.

I am still working on my June ornament and Sandra has hers all finished and looking beautiful. You can see it in her album. My Strawberry Blonde has taken a back seat over recent times and I am feeling a tad guilty so it might get an airing soon and have a few more stitches added. I have also been working on another small gift for a lovely friend as well so I should be able to show you that soon. Just have to assemble it.

“It was early, early in the spring
The birds did whistle and sweetly sing
Changing their notes from tree to tree,
The song they sang they sang for me.”

Saturday, 7 June 2008


I have a small but growing collection of Gingher Designer 4 inch scissors.

Penelope is my oldest pair and Freedom my newest. I definitely prefer some pairs to others and I would say my favourites are probably Penelope, Lanell, Ashley and my second newest pair, Emma.
I can't wait for Roberta be released around September. As well as these designer series, I have a black oxide pair that I use in my stitching. I don't normally use my designer ones but do use them when I need to cut something with precision such as the bottom of tassels as it can be difficult to get them straight and the Ginghers are VERY sharp. I wish I had some of the older designs but don't think they will become part of my collection now as they go for very high prices. I really would like to add Julia though as they are very pretty.

Indy is my daughter's little dog. She got her from the Refuge a few months back and she she was two on Thursday. She got her beautiful new bed for her birthday so brought it over to show Ben and stayed for a sleepover. At night, I take off Ben's collar and I tell him he is getting his 'jamies' on, so here he is in his 'jamies'.

Don't these partners in crime just look a picture of innocence and as if 'butter wouldn't melt in their mouths'. Looks can be deceiving!!

"Animals are such agreeable friends - they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms"

~George Eliot