Thursday, 1 January 2009

~ A New Year - A New Look - A New Start ~

Since we are into a new year, my Shadow and I thought we might start the year off with a new look to our blog.

The new year also brings a new stitching start. This year for our SAL, Sandra and I have decided instead of stitching ornaments, we are going to do some bigger projects which will obviously take us more time to complete. As we each have other projects we still wish to stitch , we have agreed to stitch a set amount of hours per week on our SAL and our first project is one from Blackbird Designs ~ Autumn Song

It is a Sewing Box and Pin cushion and one I have wanted to stitch for a long time. The box finishing is sounding a bit daunting but we are hopeful that with the encouragement from each other that we will be able to find our way around it. Watch this space :)

These were two little gifts bags I stitched as gifts for Christmas so I can now show them. They are from a Bareroots Especially For You gift bags. I really enjoyed stitching these and giving them 'an ageing'.

Well, I am off now to sit in the air conditioning and make a start on my Autumn Song. It is scorching here in Queensland..... wait while I check the thermometer outside.....37 degrees!!!!! Wheeeeew, that is hot.

My Shadow and I wish you a Happy New Year

A happy New Year! Grant that I
May bring no tear to any eye
When this New Year in time shall end
Let it be said I've played the friend,
Have lived and loved and labored here,
And made of it a happy year.

~Edgar Guest


  1. Happy New Year, Chrissie! I hope it will be a productive one with your stitching. Good luck with the SAL you're doing with Sandra. I'm sure you'll both do well with it.

    I just love those Bareroots sewing bags you did. How gorgeous! I'm sure the people you gave them to absolutely adored them.

    Enjoy your hot weather - it's barely 20 degrees here. :) I'm going to get back to stitching on Life And Liberty...

  2. Happy New Year, Chrissie! It is also 37 degrees over here in WA and stinking hot. Roll on Winter I say!

  3. I love the bag you made for me Chrissie, I will treasure it always. Looking forward to our 2009 SAL's too and will start on Autumn Song this afternoon. Stay cool!!

  4. The gift bags are gorgeous Chrissie, congratulations. Good luck with your SAL and happy new year

  5. I like the photo of you & your shadow in the banner. The stitched bags are lovely. Have fun with your SAL. BBD is always such a nice stitch.

    Good thing you have air conditioning! Enjoy your stitching & Happy New Year!

  6. Best wishes, health and happiness for 2009!

    Thank you for all your visits and lovely comments on my blog :)

    Hugs, Karen

  7. Hi Chrissie
    I am so glad you stopped by. The little gift bags you made are very precious.
    Hope 2009 is filled with much joy and answered prayers for you.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  8. Happy new year! Love the new blog look too.

    The boxes aren't so bad. I was a bit intimidated but I did one when I went to the Attic retreat and it was much easier than I thought. Can't wait to see what you stitch this year :-).

  9. Happy New Year Chrissie and Shadow!
    What beautiful little gift bags you have stitched.

  10. Happy new Year Chrissie & Ben! I've just found your blog and am so very impressed so far. I'd love to put you in my friends and catch up with you many more times. My dear girl, Kelly, is a black lab (a real shadow) and has made me promise to help her make Canine Cookies tomorrow. Woof!

  11. Hi Chrissie,

    Thanks for visiting my blog and for your very sweet comment.

    Happy New Year to you and your family!