Sunday, 5 April 2009

~ Beautiful One Day ~

Beautiful one day, Perfect the next...that is a saying that you will hear often here in Queensland but the imagination has to be stretched just a tad at present as the following photos show. We have had rain and I mean 'serious rain'... I took these photos yesterday.

These photos were taken just near my house where the Creek had flooded. At least our water tank is full to over-flowing.

I don't have any finishes to show in the stitching department but I am plugging away quietly on three WIP. I can show you two but the other I can't show you for a while yet as it is a birthday gift for a special friend (wink, wink, say no more)!!
Here is a progress photo of my current SAL, Flowers for Lily, week four. Sandra and I only stitch three hours per week on this, allowing us to stitch on other projects as well.

And this is Sandra's...

Progress on my 'Sweet Baby' sampler has been quite slow since I am trying to change all the colours and finding I need to go very carefully with this as I want to be sure to get the colours just right.

Oops....that is a very bad photo!! It is actually antique white, not grey as it looks and it IS straight!!
Thank you for visiting my blog :)

"Rain! whose soft architectural hands have power to cut stones, and chisel to shapes of grandeur the very mountains."

~Henry Ward Beecher


  1. The rain in SEQLD is horrendous. Another tragedy by Mother Nature. She must be in a bad mood at the moment. :)

    Great stitching progress too, Chrissie! At least you have that to take your mind off the horrible weather. :) Always a comfort our needlework.

    Keep dry!

  2. Oh, Chrissie! All that rain is just amazing ~ and not in a good way!

    Love your stitching. Flowers for Lily is gorgeous! How many weeks have you been working on it. 3 hours a week wouldn't give me much progress. I love the colors in it. Your Sweet Baby sampler is coming along so nicely. What a special keepsake it will be.

    Bet you're doing a lot of paw wiping with Ben with all the rain.

  3. Chrissie I really feel for you with all that rain. Just glad you didn't get flooded out.

    I love what you and Sandra are stitching. Only 3 hours each a week! Gosh you both have done wonderfully - I wouldn't have stitched nearly as much as you guys have. And the Sampler will be quite a keepsake. Hope the rain stops. Lots of Love Patti xxx

  4. I love Brenna's sampler Chrissie, I think it will look amazing when it's all done. I didn't realise you had had quite so much rain, so hope your house and garden are well above the flooding.

  5. Hello Criss, I'm Loredana from Peroj, Istria in Croazia, and a great cross stitcher and of other things, crochet, needle work, knitting. If you have time this is my adress:
    Have a nice time.

  6. Oh that is a lot of water. Hope is calms down soon. I bet Ben's feet are muddy. ~ Karen

  7. Hi Chrissie
    Logged in to see what you are up to. Great rain - could you send some down to us please - we have had a little but need much more. The sampler is coming on nicely. Love Mary

  8. Hello Chrissie,

    Thank you for visiting my blog and left a comment, you are really kind :)
    I think I visited your blog early but I cannot remember when.
    Beautiful blog with beautiful works!
    I'll come back ;)
    I love the BBD box xou made, it's gorgeous!!

    Hugs from Hungry,

  9. Love your WIPs, Chrissie! You (and Sandra, too!) are stitching up a storm... no pun intended, with all that rain! Hope the rain clears up soon.

  10. You are Sandra are making great progress with your SAL. I'm really looking forward to seeing the finishes.
    Darling pictures of your little grand daughter too :)