Friday, 24 July 2009

~Hello, It's Me, ~

Ben, (aka here as Shadow ~ mum's shadow that is!!) ..... Just dropping by to say hello as our friend Mimi mentioned to my mum that I hadn't made an appearance here in a while. Mummy said she was right that I hadn't and so yesterday, mum and I did a bit of a photo shoot.

I don't know if you realise this but it actually takes a fair amount of sleeping and lying around to look this good so that is probably why most of the photos mummy takes of me are when I am working on doing that. Anyway, it was a lovely winter's day here in the sub-tropics yesterday and so I made the most of my 'work' outside in the sun. Here are a few shots to show you just how hard this is. Mum said she liked how the shadows from the Frangipani tree are over me. The tree of course has no leaves on it just now and I think it just looks like a big monster.

You can see in these photos that I got sick of 'posing' and needed another little nap.
Mum said, to tell you that I do like to be active sometimes and recently when we had our friend to stay, they took me to the beach and I had a really good run and a swim. I like the water.

That same day, mum and her friend decided they were going to have a coffee at a cafe that was near the water and to test me out to see if I could be a good boy and behave while they did it. The coffee place allows doggies to be there if they can behave. Well, I am sure mummy didn't think I would but she kept giving me little treats which kept me happy and I was good (wasn't I mum???) Well, there was one incident that mum said reminded her a bit of "Marley and Me", I didn't take off with the table like Marley did but I did almost pull mum off her chair when I wanted to greet another dog that I saw there. Anyway, we had a lovely time at the beach and cafe.

Just to finish off, I want to show you what I have to endure sometimes and let me know what you think.....

This is me last night when mum thought I might be feeling the cold a bit. She tucked me up with a blankie. I didn't really like to say anything as I didn't want to seem ungrateful so I just let her do it. Us Labradors like to please you know.
So thanks for visiting our blog. Mum and me love to have visitors so drop by anytime.

Bye for now.

"Labradors [are] lousy watchdogs. They usually bark when there is a stranger about, but it is an expression of unmitigated joy at the chance to meet somebody new, not a warning."

~Norman Strung


  1. Hello Chrissie,
    I too have a labrador called Ben but I don't think he is as well behaved as your's.
    Only yesterday he made a bolt for it when the automatic gates were open and after leading us a merry chase up and down the street only came back when bribed by a little titbit and then only after leaving his visitors card on the neighbours lawn (which thankfully my dw picked up).
    I wish my Ben would take a lesson from yours.

    Brother K

  2. I love the watchdog comment. Jack has a tendency to think that no one is a stranger!

  3. Hi Ben, love the photo shoot. Looking forward to giving you a cuddle in October. Love from Auntie Sandra xx

  4. Thank you Ben for taking time from your beauty naps to write to us.. and those naps (or as they are called here in Spain - Siestas) are doing their job - you are so handsome!

  5. So loveley pictures.........Labrador Sheila sends many kisses to Ben and we wish you a wonderful weekend,

    Greetings from Bavaria, Hugs Jade

  6. Dear Ben,

    Our mommy would love to take us places but we just don't behave very well, she says. Our mommy ("bitch" that she is) calls us yappy! How rude is that? Your mommy seems a lot nicer than ours! We also love to take naps in the sun - it's the best, isn't it? If we lived nearby we'd sure love to play with you! BTW, you sure do look handsome all curled up with your blankie!
    Sophie and Gracie

  7. Hi Ben
    Good to see some new photos of you Handsome boy - I am sure you needed a bit more attention! Hoping to see you and give you a cuddle soon.
    Auntie Mary

  8. Awww Ben, I loved reading your update. Tell your mum to give you some extra cuddles and a few extra treats, too, from a mom who is missing her own baby boy so much right now.

  9. Lovely story Ben, good to see your Mummy is looking after you...My Mummy and Daddy look after me too just like you with a blankie and all on our leather sofa...don't tell anyone but I snuggle up between them in their bed and spread right out so that they both cling to the edge...well at least I get my beauty sleep!
    (Cream Labrador from the Gold Coast)

  10. 'Woof woof woof' to Ben says Hugo. Good to see you working so hard at the photo shoot, my mum makes me hold things in my mouth when she takes photos and then gets cross if I try to run off.
    I get wrapped up in a silly blankie on cold nights and have to pretend I like it too, thankfully there are no girl dogs nearby to see, any near you?
    Must be off, got a cat to play with.......

  11. Hey Molly, we could be related. My dad was called Jack and he came from the Gold Coast.


  12. It's so good to hear from you, Ben. My gosh, going to the beach, model posing, restaurant hopping, guest entertaining, no wonder you needed to snuggle in with a blanket. We're tired just thinking about it!

  13. Ben, I wish our Spike was as well behaved as you!
    I think you are gorgeous - give a lick to your mum from me...

  14. You are a sweetie! Glad you had a nice day with your mum ;-).

  15. Wow Ben, wouldn't it be funny if we were related...
    I'm now almost 10 years old...(I know I know a girl doesn't normally tell her age but I was recently mistaken for a five year old by a Vet!!!)...My "Birth Mummy" is a Black Labby called Linxia Minerva (or Zac for short) and My Birth Daddy was a Golden Labby called Driftway Archer, known as "Archie" (Ch).
    Oh by the way I am exactly the same colour as you.


  16. Well Molly, we might be ralated somewhere along the lines as my daddy although know by Jack was Driftway Stormforce and my mum Sarshai Simply Unique. I am a Sarshai puppy and my 'flash' name is Sarshai Star Chaser ~ isn't that nice :))). I am four now.

    Love Ben

  17. Hey Ben...Glad you took some time from your Naps to let us All know how your doing...Love your NEW photo shoot...Such a Handsome Boy you are...AND that you were pretty good while Mom was having her refreshments with her friend!!!
    So be good and Get your Beauty Sleep...
    My Best...Marilyn

  18. Oh sweet Ben~you look so cozy under your blankie ♥

  19. You are so photogenic Ben, love the pics of you. Your Mummy must love you very much indeed, to make you so cosy in the blanket.