Saturday, 14 August 2010

~ Knock, Knock...Anybody There? ~

Well, it has been a while I know!!

No excuses really except to say, that since my blog is mainly stitching....I just haven't had a lot to show.  Now that isn't to say I haven't been stitching - I always have something on the go but often that something doesn't make a lot of you know what I mean???

However, I thought it would be nice to just drop by and say hi anyway as I do have some other wonderful things to show as it was recently my birthday and my lovely stitching friends once again really spoilt me with wonderful stitchy things but before that I will show you what I have managed to get done since I saw you last.

At the beginning of the year Sandra, Diane and I started a SAL stitching Abigail Colby's Workbasket  (lovingly renamed Abby) well  sadly, I managed to get way behind with mine as at the same time I was also stitching another SAL with dear friend Mary and being the slow stitcher that I am....found that trying to keep up with two just wasn't working!!  Never mind, they don't go away or have an expiry date on them so I have just been plugging away and they will get done eventually.

Abby, once finished will be a basket filled with beautiful stitching smalls as in the above pictures and so far I have stitched the basket top, and four of the accessories, the latest one being the needle pocket.  If you are interested in looking, the other pieces are in my Picasa album listed under SAL and here is a link to see Sandra's version as well.  Interesting to see how they look in different colour-ways. I am using the suggested colours while Sandra is being a bit more adventurous and using her own choice of colours.  I am not sure where Diane is at with hers.

I have hit a brick wall with my other SAL - Blessings Sampler,  the one I am stitching with Mary.  Mary has long finished hers but mine remains at a stand still on the last band which is satin stitch band and because this stitch is really quite long , I am having difficulties with it, just getting it sitting right and the correct tension.  I really want it finished as I am so close but can't find the motivation to work on trying to perfect those dreaded satin stitches.  Mary has a lovely blog over at Meakly Mine where you will see her Blessings Sampler completed.  She also has a lovely card making blog as well called Meakly Made where you can see all her beautiful cards.  There is a link on her stitching blog to that site as well. 

Here is my Blessings before attempting the satin stitch.  You can see it is a lovely sampler with a beautiful sentiment and I can't wait to have it framed and hanging but you can't force these things - right!!  It won't happen overnight but it will happen!! LOL!!

Oh, I do have one other finish to show you (actually, I have stitched more than I thought I had)
I stitched this little chookie for Sandra for her birthday last June... It is Coq au Pins by Twisted Oaks Designs.

Now, as I mentioned earlier, I was a very luck girl on my recent birthday and just look at what I received
From Mary

From Sandra

From Diane
Thank You Dear Friends - I really love my gifts. Stitching friends are the loveliest people.

I  was looking through some old photos earlier  and came across this one.  It was taken during a trip to Melbourne back in May where I caught up with Mary who kindly showed us around Melbourne.  We  went up to the Dandenong Mountains where we had lunch at a darling little Tea Room (I love that - it is usually 'cafe' nowadays) called Miss Marples which was just so English and lovely.  Here  is Mary and I outside after having a lovely lunch. Don't know who the gent is but I didn't want to cut him out or else you wouldn't see the name on the building. Do hope he doesn't mind being in our photo.

Well I can't finish a post without a mention of my shadow...beautiful Ben.  I wanted to show you that he actually does move, so this is a first attempt at adding a video to my blog.  He was actually in sleeping mode when I took this and probably not a good time to prove he moves and  please realise I disturbed his sleep LOL!! But anyway, here is Ben in all his cuteness and the subtle twitch of the tail and a quick lift of his head is all he could manage be bothered with at this stage of the day. :))

Well, I think that is about it for now.  I have been reading some of the US  blogs and everyone is sweltering over there it seems.  Well we are in winter here and it is just lovely.  I have really enjoyed the winter season this year.  A brief chance to wrap up warm, wear scarves and boots.  It is only for a short time and even now, the days are warm and sunny showing that spring is just around the corner and still another month of winter to go.

Until next time....Happy stitching!!

"Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth,
 for the touch of a friendly hand and for talk beside the fire:
                          it is the time for home"

(Edith Sitwell, poet)


  1. Great photo of you and Mary outside Miss Marples, now I know what Mary looks like!! Have you thought of trying a different stitch instead of satin stitches, which have to be just the right tension or they will go baggy? I used mosaic stitch last night for the first time and was really pleased how it turned out and gave a different texture to my work.

  2. Great to see a new post from you Chrissie! You have been missed.
    Smiling here at the Ben movie :)
    Your band sampler is gorgeous and I hope you find the motivation to finish it soon.
    I've been following Abby on Sandra's blog and what a beautiful set it is going to be. I'm sure you'll catch up once you get the band sampler ticked off the to do list.
    Lovely gifts from your friends. Happy belated birthday!


  3. Oh love the video of your sweet, sweet Ben!! What a companion!!

    Your stitching projects are wonderful, as are those fabulous gifties from your fine stitching friends. They truly are the best.

    Happy Belated Birthday!!

  4. Nice to see your post Chrissie. I know what you mean by not posting much. I have been the same.

    The birthday gifts are lovely. I smiled at the video of Ben - "don't disturb my slumber, Mom!"

    Spring is just around the corner for you!

  5. So happy to see a post from you, Chrissie! I haven't been stitching much either and July was the first time I've only posted one time. August is so far slightly better for posting but not so much for stitching! Oh well.... What you've gotten done is wonderful!
    Love your stitchy gifts (Happy, Happy belated Birthday) and wonderful video of Ben! My Gracie is like that, won't get out of her bed in the morning.... just like a lazy teenager!

  6. I have wondered a few times what you were up to so it is good to see you back in blogland again. I'm experiencing the same kind of thing here but hopefully inspiration will hit me in the face real soon!
    Love your video of Ben.

  7. Dear Chrissie
    your post was certainly worth waiting for (although luckily I get emails as well!!). Such a lovely "newsy" post.
    Your new blog looks great too - a total revamp with new music as well. I am not game to alter mine - it took too long to create.
    Lots of good memories from our day out.
    .... and Ben, what a lazy boy - love the way he hid his head in the hope you would go away.

  8. Hi Chrissie! It's so nice to read another update from you. I think a few of us have been on the slow train with our stitching and blogging so don't worry. You've still managed to get a bit of stitching done even if you haven't been showing your progress. Those SAL's look a bit like marathons. Very BIG projects to attempt which can bog you down a little. Don't worry about the satin stitch too much. One day you'll sit down and it will all come together, I'm sure.

    Happy belated birthday! Looks like you had a great time at the Dandenong Ranges (Montville would be the closest town similar, to where you are - lots of arts and crafts). I love going to the Dandenongs (as we call it), though I don't get there as often as I would like (about 45min drive from where I am). It's such a relaxing day out. I'm sure the weather was a little cooler, even that time of year, to what you would get during your Winter months. I would love your Winters, ours are too cold down south. We've been stuck in a cold season since the start of June and there's no sign of it letting up.

    That Ben is so cute. He obviously didn't want to be disturbed from his slumber - poor boy. It's certainly a good life our pets lead.

    What wonderful stitching gifts you received too. Hugs!

  9. Its so nice to see you posting!!! Happy belated birthday.

    Love all the pictures, everything is gorgeous :-).

  10. Lovely to see you posting again. Cute video of Ben.

    The Sampler is gorgeous, I hope you see your way too finishing it soon.

  11. Lovely dog, Labradors are the best pets, i wouldn't have anything but.