Friday, 3 December 2010

~ What a naughty blogger ~

That's me....I know it's been a while but, no excuses unless you could call a major 'stitching lull' an excuse.  Well that is what I will use as my excuse this time :))

No stitching has been done here for some time now and as I wait for the lull to pass  I  have been keeping busy doing other things. I have an extra crafty interest now since my neighbour introduced me to card making and I have to admit to being quite hooked now on paper craft . I have also discovered  You Tube and am amazed at how much stuff is available to watch on there.  So many  people sharing their talents and doing amazing tutorials etc.  So much to learn!!

Anyway, I did want to show you a couple of things.  For sometime now I have been wanting a cabinet so that I could display my stitched bits and pieces and have them behind glass as opposed to sitting gathering dust in my two tiered cake stand.

  This is how they used to be and then in their new home......

DH gave the cabinet just the right amount of shabby - just the way I wanted it.

These are the 'guard dogs' keeping watch from above......

and here are the shelves....

Ben was a little bit upset that I posted a photo of the 'watch dogs' and not him.  He makes a much better job of looking beautiful than being a watch dog :)) He does have rather an odd expression on in this one though.

I had quite a job getting him to raise his head off the floor long enough to take this photo - lazy thing lol!!

Just to prove I have at least finished something, here is my Miss Mary Mack.

I have always loved Mary and here she is awaiting framing.  I love this dark linen.  I think it is from Birds of a Feather but can't think of the name of the colour now.  I have an image in my head of framing her in a big heavy dark frame like the one I used on my  La D Da Garden Angel here I think this would suit her beautifully.

A few weeks ago, my son became engaged and I plan to stitch a sampler for him and his beautiful fiancee for their wedding.  I ordered three pieces of linen which arrived this week.  The colours are from left to right....R & R Creme Brulee, Lakeside Vintage Luna and Lakeside Navy Bean.

 Aren't they lovely.  I am planning on stitching La D Da ~ Tie that Binds which you can see here  I think the Creme Brulee is the best option.  What do you think?

Have you ever had a song or a ditty just stuck in your head for days on end and you can't get rid of it?  That happened to me recently.  DD showed me this very cute You tube video of Shirley Temple singing The Cuppy Cake Song.  I had never seen it before and thought it so cute.  Decided on making it the ring tone on my phone but wish I hadn't (since changed it again).  It was just well and truly stuck in my head until it started to drive me nuts. Anyway, here it is if you want to watch it but don't say I didn't warn you LOL!!
(Hope my background music doesn't get mixed into it. I don't know how to fix that)

Well, although it had been a while since we chatted, I did have a few things to talk about.  Hope all is well in your worlds and as always, thanks for visiting with us.

"When late morning rolls around and you're feeling a bit out of sorts, don't worry; you're probably just a little eleven o'clockish." 
                  ~ Winnie the Pooh


  1. Your cabinet looks lovely Chrissie, it's nice seeing the things we stitched together. Miss Mary Mack looks wonderful and will be gorgeous in a heavy frame.

  2. Hi Chrissie
    your cabinet looks great - DH has done a lovely job on it. Lots of lovely pieces there. Miss Mary Mack is very cute, and yes, she probably would look good in a heavy frame. I like the pattern you have chosen for the wedding sampler too. Are you going to share your papercrafts as well? - maybe another blog??????
    Love Mary

  3. Hi Chrissie, congratulations on your son getting engaged :)

    Your cabinet looks wonderful with everything set out so lovely, just perfect for all your treasures.

    best wishes, Katrina in NZ

  4. Hi Chrissie! Nice to see you drop by blogland for awhile. I know how it is, not stitching for so long. Going through the same problem still. I love your MMMack. She'll come up a treat framed. It must be lovely to have somewhere fitting to display your finished pieces? At least they'll be well protected and away from someone we know (Ben?)... but he wouldn't dare touch them, would he?

    You'll have to show us the cards you've been making - sounds interesting.

    We've been getting your tropical weather down south lately. Very heavy downpours and warm temperatures. Still, after years of drought, it's not surprising that the rain has now arrived. Great for the dams.

  5. I'm reading your post and suddenly Shirley Temple singing Animal Crackers flashed into my head and now it won't stop! LOL

    Love your new cabinet. It's a perfect way to display all your pretty things.

  6. Chrissie, Good to see your post. You had quite a bit of news! Your display cabinet is wonderful. You must be thrilled!

    And I love "Mary Mack." For ages now, I've debated stitching her over one for a pin versus doing a wall hanging. Still haven't decided, which could be why I've never started that project. [sigh]

    I adore R&R linens. Truly my favorite kind, with Creme Brulee at the top of the list, though Navy Bean is now in a close second. I think the Creme Brulee is perfect for the "Tie that Binds" project.

  7. Ben is so sweet :-).

    Love your new cabinet, what a fun way to display your smalls. And Mary Mack is too cute.

  8. Your new cabinet is gorgeous and congratulations on finishing Mary Mack

  9. Fab cabinet!! I just love the cuppycake song too! :)


  10. Congrats on finishing Mary Mack, she's adorable!