Thursday, 11 August 2011

H E L P !!!

I am still baffled by Blogger/ Google/ Picasa and if any readers can offer this old technically challenged person, who really tries to keep up with all this but is about to give up, any help, please please do so!!

In my Picasa web album all of a sudden I have an album that has appeared in my Public gallery called "Just Me and My Shadow" in which it has all 400 odd photos I have on myBlog. It was never there before, just showed up.  There are three visibility settings in Picasa...'Public','Limited to anyone with link', and 'Limited'. If I change it to Anyone withLink which is supposedly the default setting, my photos disappear off my Blog!! If I change it back to 'Public' they re-appear.  Obviously, I want to have them visible on my Blog or what is the use of a Blog but WHY do they have to be Public in my Picasa album and WHY are they there in the  first place when they never were before??????

GGGGGRRRRR!! Can you feel my frustration?????

I need help as I just can't figure it out!!


PS You can see my Picasa album via the link in my sidebar on here.


  1. wish I could help you but this is all pretty foreign to me too!! Have you had a look on Youtube?? They have some handy tips and tricks and may have some troubleshooting ideas too! Maybe google a few keywords too and see what comes up?!
    Good luck!! Don't give up!!

  2. I like Anita's idea on You Tube--or just googling the problem. I'm always amazed at what pops up.

    As for the Picasa public stuff, I have no clue, since I don't use Picasa online, just offline. ??? Sorry--wish I could help!

    As far as blogging problems you mentioned in your earlier post, I have found that using the new editor (which allowed me to switch from uploading my pics to Flickr to just uploading directly to my blog) and using Mozilla Firefox as my browser helped solve most of the issues.

    Good luck!

  3. I'm sorry to break this to you, but I think it's because Picasa and Blogger are owned by Google. So, it's all one big happy family, and where you have uploaded your information, wanting it public in one, and not in another, they've probably instituted a new "feature" that is supposed to carry your preferences all across their little kingdom (Picasa, Blogger, Etc.). So, if you want them public on your blog, they will be public on Picasa.

    That said, google also probably has added another "feature" with the way your pictures are stored. I would check the google support pages, but being in technology myself, this is my explanation.

    LauraB in Utah
    stitchinmaniac at msn dot com

  4. I've never used Picasa for my blog picts. I just add them into the blog.

  5. I have a similar setup to yours Chrissie but the Picasa album which holds all the photos that I add to my blog (including my header)is able to be padlocked and cannot be seen by the public. However a couple of weeks ago it was on public show and I had to go in and change it so maybe they did change something then.
    The googling seems like a good idea though.

  6. I am joining the club. Weird stuff happening to me too.

    Want to let you know that I enjoy your blog and I am sorry for all the blogging troubles you are having. Don't give up the fight.