Thursday, 12 April 2012

~ Today is My Birthday ~

Gidday.....Ben here, aka on Mum's blog as 'My Shadow'.(that means I am Mum's shadow)

Today is my birthday.  I am seven years old today.  I think if I was a human that would make me about 49!!

Anyway, Mum made me special treats for my birthday... some Banana and carrot cookies.  I could smell them cooking last night when she was baking them and they smelled GOOD!!

Here is a picture of me waiting.  I was very good and never jumped up to take any.  Mum says I am always good like that.  I don't take things off the table or the counter.

Then later, me and my bestest mate Indy got to have one and here we are waiting until we got the word to say it was okay to take them. Mum said we were both very good.

 You  will notice my tongue  is ready to go. Yum, we love banana and carrot cookies.

Mum said it is polite to say thank you so 'thank you' to anyone who takes the time to visit our blog.


  1. I hope you had a most wonderful birthday and I hope you have many many more!!

  2. Happy Birthday Ben! Hope you have a fun day!
    hugs Alyson and Chester xxx

  3. Ohhhh, happy birthday :-)!!!! What a sweetie!

  4. Just found your blog and wanted to say Happy Birthday Ben!

    Love the pic of his tongue hanging out waiting for his treat!

    You have some lovely stitching and crafting on your blog and great doggie pics!

  5. Happy Birthday, Ben. Just found your blog. We also have a yellow lab. Her name is Wrigley. She was 4 in March. They are the greatest companions.


  6. Oh, what lovely photos. Belated Happy Birthday to Ben.