Tuesday, 4 September 2012

~ The View from my Window ~

I recently completed my 'Cottage Chic'  journal which is from the Marion Smith digital downloads. I love making these journals as they give me a sense of freedom to just create without the pressure of having to produce something that looks perfect. ( I don't do perfect)!!  I love splotching ink everywhere, cutting pages without straight edges, ageing the pages and roughing up the edges and also adding my own creative touches to my book.

This little book is bound with the Coptic stitch and this was my first attempt at doing this and we live and learn...maybe next time I may use a finer thread but as I mentioned...I don't do 'perfect' lol!! I painted the covers with acrylic paint which I mixed up to make the colour I wanted and inked, sanded and even thumped it around to give it a well worn look.  I made the little nest charm on the side with wire and beads and hung some other bits from the chain.  I love the clinking sound this makes.  I added lots of bits and bobs and did lots of stamping too.

I called my journal 'The View from my Window' as I plan to use it to record some of the bird life and plant life  I see in my garden.

I have also done a tiny bit of stitching and am enjoying my SAL with Sandra..
Here is my progress to date on Mrs Waddelow....

Spring is here in Australia and our garden is very dry as we have had no rain for weeks!!  The birds are very active though and I am really enjoying listening and watching the activities around the garden. Sadly, we had an injury in the weekend though as a rather large bird which our research showed to be a cormorant, flew into the house and dropped down onto the deck in a very bad way.  We nursed it overnight and our daughter who is a wildlife volunteer, took it to the vet so I am not certain what happened to it.  Sad :(  It wasn't looking good!!

Hope all is well in your world.
Thanks for coming by....


  1. Love the latest book Chrissie, one of these days you'll have to show me how to make one. Shame about the bird, hope it is OK.

  2. Happy Spring to you, Chrissie! I absolutely love your journal - the pages, the charms, the aging - the whole thing is perfection!
    Mrs Waddelow is looking great, too! Love the color you chose.

  3. Lovely book, and very nice stitching!

  4. Your journal and Mrs Waddelow are lovely

  5. Mrs waddelow is looking lovely - the muted colours are gorgeous. Glad to see you back on form with your stitching. The new book is beautiful. You are so good at vintage. I can only imagine how many hours that took to complete.

  6. I can never get enough of your gorgeous journal Chrissie.....so so beautiful!!