Wednesday, 28 August 2013

~ The View From My Window ~

With Spring only days away here in Australia, activity in our garden has been amazing.  I just love to watch the birds busy right now as the weather warms.  We have actually had an early Spring really with quite high temperatures.  A few weeks back we noticed a little brown honey-eater taking a great deal of interest in our front garden and just by fluke as I looked out the window I saw this....

Nest ~ "A structure that birds make to keep their eggs and babies in"

Well actually, I saw the nest before she had taken residence. It must have still been a work in progress at that stage and then she was sitting in it... So cute and what a lovely little mother. Mr Bird helps with the babies and they are now chirping..ever so quietly, but enough so I can hear them and they are already growing feathers.  This has happened really fast as it was only July 25 that I first spied the nest (I know this as I wrote an entry in my journal) .
I love writing in 'The View From My Window' little book where I journal about just that :)

Here are the two little babies...ever so sweetly cuddled up in their little nest.... 

We are fortunate to have a big old Grevillea tree in our garden and it is a hive of activity right now and is a virtual Airport..with birds flying in and out all day long.  These are just a few of the regular visitors at present..

These two beauties make such a colourful picture

I love this shot of Nature's colour palette

.........Now it has been a few days since I started writing this post and just didn't get around to getting it finished so I was amazed today to see the little nest empty and the babies gone.  They were there this morning when I looked early and gone a few hours later. We have since seen the little ones trying their little wings.... 

"Jump, you little birdie!"
Hark! the mother sings:
"Fly, you little birdie,
Try your little wings"

See! the little birdie
Jumps from off the bough:
cunning little birdie,
Do be careful now!

You're so very little,
On that tree so tall,
That I tremble birdie,
Lest you get a fall.

Look! He's flying safely,
Flying without fear.
Ah!the little birdie
Knows his mother's near.

 What a wonderful thing Nature is... Keep safe little ones!!


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! How lucky you were able to see into their nest. Spring sure is a lovely time of year and today Melbourne had a wonderful spring day - just a few days early but hopefully there are more to come.

  2. What beautiful pictures, Crissie! The colorful birds in your trees are crazy! Only time we'd see something like that is in a pet shop or zoo. How awesome to see them in your own back yard.
    Of course, you know I love your journal, as well. It's beautiful and just begs to be held and written in. Beautiful!!!

  3. Chrissie, it must be lovely to watch the new baby birds unfold, so to speak. You have amazingly colourful birds in Australia but I can imagine the parrots would be noisy!

    The bird journal looks great. I want to make better journals too.

    Enjoy the approaching Spring season!