Monday, 20 January 2014

~This and That ~

Well, my posts here seem to be a bit few and far between these days and I need to try and be more vigilant at updating my blog. I will try and do better :)

So here is my first post for 2014....thank you to all who take the time to drop by and leave me comments.

I do actually have a few projects to share and would you believe some is actually stitching!

I completed this project last year after it being a WIP for a VERY long time.  It actually started out to be a SAL with a dear friend, Mary, and Mary actually finished her version ...quite some time ago (probably a few years ago in fact) but mine sat unfinished in my stitching box just because I had a hard time with the satin stitch.  I am not very good at satin stitch and don't actually like doing it so...when my dear friend visited from New Zealand (who is a stitcher extraordinaire)  late last year, she completed the dreaded satin stitch for me and I added the beads and finally and thankfully got it completed, framed and hung on the wall.  I love the sentiment in this piece.
It is called Blessings and is a design from Wild Heart Designs

If you are a reader of my blog you will know I love the birds visiting my garden.  My dear hubby made me this beautiful gift for Christmas .....well I did tell him I wanted him to :)
So far no-one has taken up residence but is a very nice addition to our garden.

I do have a few more bits to share with you but to avoid this being a very long post I will leave those to another time...... so from 'Just Me and My Shadow'.....bye



  1. Your Blessings looks absolutely beautiful Chrissie, so lovely to see it all finished and framed.
    Your birdhouse is super gorgeous too - I love it. The birds probably won't take advantage of such a special home, but it sure looks good in the garden.

  2. Your sampler is gorgeous, good to see it finished.

    The bird box is very cute

  3. It was lovely to see your Blessings sampler in the flesh, a wonderful piece of stitching. Love the shadow photo too.

  4. Beautiful .. love this idea.. I so need to do this and journal the activates in my garden also.. thank you for the inspiration ps.. I have a dog that looks like shadow.. a bit younger.. and I have a bird house.. no birds have ever moved in .. but had it in the yard for about 15 years now.. hugs

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