Sunday, 23 March 2008

The Contents Revealed

My friend Sandra and I are doing a stitch-a-long this year in which we decided to stitch an ornament each month for a year. I have just finished my March ornament which is "Merry and Bright" by Little by Little Designs from the 2007 Just Cross Stitch Christmas book. We both stitch the same ornament each month and it is exciting seeing how each of us chooses to finish them and how different they look with the selection of our threads and fabrics. Sandra finished her March ornament a while back but I was a bit slow this month as I decided to stitch mine over one thread and I am convinced it takes twice as long to stitch over one. That brings me to the contents of the tin....

I am using the tin to store my years ornaments. It only has three in it so far but it is going to be exciting by the end of the year when it has twelve in it.
Here are our ornaments so far. Mine on the left and Sandra's versions on the right.

I haven't posted a picture of my shadow in a while so here is Ben today doing what he does so well, being very laid back and enjoying a spot of sunshine close by as I was outside taking a photograph of my ornament.

Happy Stitching!
Chrissie and Ben :)


  1. Your Merry & Bright looks gorgeous Chrissie and I DO hope that I will see it next year.

  2. You're both doing very well with your ornaments, what a great idea. Well, I did say I thought threads were in the tin. Maybe just a bit off, but I suppose there were threads of some sort in there :)

    Thanks for the suspense Chrissie!

  3. Your ornaments are beautiful and great idea to store them in your tin. You'll have a lovely collection by Christmas.

  4. I absolutely love your ornaments and wish I would have known about it cause I would have asked to join you guys. I love your tins too - I love tins with a vengeance. I just absolutely love the ornaments you are stitching they would be my choice as well, but then again Sandra and I have very similar tastes in stitching and I love the one you did over one.

    Patti xxxx