Saturday, 1 March 2008

New Season, New Month, New Start

Autumn and Spring are my two favourite seasons and looking at my Frangipani tree has told me that Autumn is here. It is losing its leaves thick and fast. In Queensland we don't really see the beautiful autumnal colours that we used to get back in New Zealand and last year DH and I went back during the autumn to see those beautiful colours once again. As we drove into Central Otago and stopped the car to take photos, I was actually reduced to tears just by the sheer beauty of the autumn colours. Nature is certainly beautiful.

I also love to stitch in natures earthy colours and this months ornament stitchalong with my friend Sandra, is giving me that opportunity. We are stitching an ornament by Little By Little called Merry and Bright. Here are my threads and fabric ready to make a start.


  1. The lovely photos bring back happy memories of our trip to NZ last year. I'll be catching up with our ornament later today. By the way I'm so pleased you have added the clock to your blog, I know what time it is down under now.

  2. Nature certainly is beautiful. How cute is that cottage?

    I too love earthy colours. Whether it be in clothes, needlework, or just nature itself.