Saturday, 7 June 2008


I have a small but growing collection of Gingher Designer 4 inch scissors.

Penelope is my oldest pair and Freedom my newest. I definitely prefer some pairs to others and I would say my favourites are probably Penelope, Lanell, Ashley and my second newest pair, Emma.
I can't wait for Roberta be released around September. As well as these designer series, I have a black oxide pair that I use in my stitching. I don't normally use my designer ones but do use them when I need to cut something with precision such as the bottom of tassels as it can be difficult to get them straight and the Ginghers are VERY sharp. I wish I had some of the older designs but don't think they will become part of my collection now as they go for very high prices. I really would like to add Julia though as they are very pretty.

Indy is my daughter's little dog. She got her from the Refuge a few months back and she she was two on Thursday. She got her beautiful new bed for her birthday so brought it over to show Ben and stayed for a sleepover. At night, I take off Ben's collar and I tell him he is getting his 'jamies' on, so here he is in his 'jamies'.

Don't these partners in crime just look a picture of innocence and as if 'butter wouldn't melt in their mouths'. Looks can be deceiving!!

"Animals are such agreeable friends - they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms"

~George Eliot


  1. I wonder if Ben knows it's time for bed when you take his collar off? I will have a look for some Julia's for you in September.

  2. LOL! I think you quote applies to dogs only! Hobbs, my rather fat and bossy black cat, does pass
    Beautiful scissors! I have a pair, but I don't know the name of them or even if they have a name! I'll keep an eye open for Julia's.