Friday, 13 June 2008

I can now reveal......

something I had been working on for a little while but couldn't show you as it was a gift for my friend Sandra's birthday which was yesterday. Sandra and I have never met as yet but have become great friends or as I call it 'email buddies'. It is lovely to have a friend who shares the same enthusiasm and love of stitching as I do and although we are on different sides of the world the Internet has made it easy to develop a lovely friendship and hopefully next year we may be able to meet in person.

Here is what I stitched for Sandra.....

It is part of a Carriage House Samplings chart called The Song They Sang and I made it into a biscornu. It is stitched with NPI Silks and I added the tassels and beads.

I am still working on my June ornament and Sandra has hers all finished and looking beautiful. You can see it in her album. My Strawberry Blonde has taken a back seat over recent times and I am feeling a tad guilty so it might get an airing soon and have a few more stitches added. I have also been working on another small gift for a lovely friend as well so I should be able to show you that soon. Just have to assemble it.

“It was early, early in the spring
The birds did whistle and sweetly sing
Changing their notes from tree to tree,
The song they sang they sang for me.”


  1. The biscornu is gorgeous, well done. I love the photo of the two dogs in the previous post, they look extremely peaceful.

  2. I just adore my biscornu Chrissie, as of course you already know, it is so expertly made and the silks make it feel soft to touch. As soon as I can, I will add a photo of it and your other gifts to my album. Thank you for your generosity.

  3. What a beautiful gift for Sandra, Chrissie. You've gone to a lot of trouble with it. Absolutely lovely!

  4. Love the biscornu.

    I alway admire your finishes on Legacy but for some reason I missed that you had a blog :-). Your dog is gorgeous too!

  5. That is so lovely! I've stitched "Song They Sang" and just recently got the frame for's one of my favorite designs! I love what you've done with that section of it, Sandra is a lucky friend :-)
    Your Ben is a doll, so handsome!

  6. I saw your piece on another blog- Anitaslittlestitches I think and it said that you took this from a freebie pattern- would you mind possibly sharing it? I just love the look of this-very eastern!