Monday, 21 July 2008

I Haven't Been Idle

Although it might seem as though I have, but no, I have been quietly working away on one or two little things. Our ornament for July in my stitch-along with Sandra was from With My Needle "Christmas Swan Needlebook" and is the second one we have stitched in a series of ornaments from this designer. They match our "Needleworker's Pocket" that we did back in May.

Here is my version...

And Sandra's version...

Even although this is quite a small design, it is amazing how much time is involved in the assembly. Small is often fiddly and I found this little one quite fiddly and after a few silly mistakes on my part, I am happy with how it ended up.

The tin is starting to look quite full.

I also finished another little ornament but I will save that one to show you another time.

Yesterday, I needed to go to get some things from my local Spotlight store and found these lovely little tins which of course I couldn't resist.

Could you blame me!!

The only place where housework comes before needlework is in the dictionary.

~Mary Kurtz


  1. Your needlebook looks amazing Chrissie, well worth all the hassle. Love the tins too, lucky you to have Spotlight over there.

  2. Gorgeous ornie's Chrissie, congratulations

  3. Chrissie, such beautiful work from you and Sandra as always. More tins too! They're gorgeous:) Thanks for your email also!

    Please take a moment and have a look at my blog, there's a surprise for you.

  4. Hi Chrissie, I too have nominated you for an award, pls pop on over to my blog and see. I love reading your blog, you do such beautiful work and its nice to read about a fellow Aussie's stitching.
    LISA V

  5. What a gorgeous piece! Fantastic finishing!!!

  6. No, can't blame you as I am guilty of the same... picking up tins. I'm sure you can finish them into something beautiful.
    So, is the tin above for all your Christmas tins? I'm looking forward to seeing yours and Sandra's trees at Christmas.

  7. The swan ornament is lovely and your collection in the tin looks amazing.