Friday, 15 August 2008

~~A Flock of Birds~~

Birds seem to have been featuring a lot in my stitching of late. This afternoon I have just finished my August SAL with Sandra. This month we stitched the La D Da Snowbird from the 2004 Just Cross Stitch Christmas book.
He makes a nice little companion piece to our Christmas Cardinal which is also a La D Da design and which we stitched earlier in the year. These little fellows are really small and only measure around 4 inches from nose to tail. I stitched mine double-sided and Sandra backed hers with black silk.

Here is Sandra's version....

Recently, I stitched another bird from the same book ~ Blackbird Designs. Sandra, had stitched this one some time ago and I always loved it so I wanted to stitch him as well.
Speaking of birds, we have been seeing some lovely birds in our garden recently. I spotted a gorgeous little tiny bright scarlet one feeding in the grevillia and think he is a red headed or red breasted honey eater. He came back for several days and I found myself looking out for him and got the binoculars out for a closer look. I had another little visitor visit the tree right outside my sewing room window on a couple of occasions. So nice of him to come to sing me a little song. We do have some beautiful coloured birds here in Australia.

I am happy to have finally finished my CHS Strawberry Blonde which also features a bird, and is now off to the framers so I look forward to showing you that soon:)

My beautiful shadow, who is never far from my sight, was grabbing a few rays this afternoon whilst I was taking these photos. It has been such a beautiful winters' day. Spring is just around the corner.

I value my garden more for being full of blackbirds than of cherries, and very frankly give them fruit for their songs.

~Joseph Addison, The Spectator, 1712


  1. You are so clever stitching your Snowbird double sided, remember the problems I had with my Cardinal when I tried to do that? Lovely photo of Ben, is that his own special doggie lounger?

  2. Well done on your bird ornaments, both of you. They look great!

  3. Beautiful bird ornaments!
    Any chance you can catch your bird visitors on film and post pictures of them? I'd love to see the birds that have been coming to your yard.
    Fall is around the corner here and I'm really looking forward to it.

  4. Love your recent finishes, especially the Blackbird Designs bird, this one has been growing on me for a while, might have to add him to my stash.
    The rain is slowing down over this side of Oz aswell and the days are full of sunshine, although I much prefer Winter then our Summer.

  5. Hello Chrissie,
    Thanks for finding me, been a long winding road I believe.
    Love to hear from NZ and OZ, teach in both on occasion.
    I have the patience, my family say, but am no saint.
    Kind of opposite to what people think. Very outdoors gal, swim, hike, travel a lot and look it. Do not sit at home stitching at all.
    Somehow doing it in snatches works and I produce some things.
    Love your needlepoint, now that rqaeally takes patience.
    aloha Lilla

  6. Hi Chrissie
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. It's nice to hear from you. I really like all the birds you've stitched!
    Hugs, Rhondi