Monday, 4 August 2008

~Spring is in the Air~

.....well it seems Ben thinks so anyway! Anyone who has had anything to do with Labradors will know that they are constantly shedding their coats. Yesterday, whilst my son and I were sitting outside and he was patting Ben, we were amazed at the amount of hair that was brushing off him. He is really 'blowing his coat'. DS, who has always been one to come up with 'great innovative ideas', (perhaps that is why his job is in advertising), suggested we could go into business making these....

Doggie Toupees

We thought we should call this version "The Comb-over"
and this.

... 'The Quiff '

We even can do a version for those dogs wanting a complete change of look....

Thank you to Ben and Indy, the two beautiful models who took part in this. They take their job very seriously, don't you think. (especially when being distracted with food :) I am really hoping though, that if Ben continues to loose his hair as he was yesterday, that he WON'T be needing one of these :))

On the stitching front, not a lot to show just yet. My Strawberry Blonde, 'long-time WIP' is slowly progressing but an end is in sight. Should be able to show you our SAL August ornament soon. I can show you this little pair though. I made these cute little primitive Chickadees a while ago.

They are from an E-pattern which I downloaded from here

Son, you outgrew my lap, but never my heart.

~Author Unknown


  1. Love the toupee's!! Spring must certainly be on the way if Ben is moulting that much. Thanks for the link to the little birds, I'll check that out.

  2. I thought I had problems with two hairy cats! What you should do Chrissie, is gather all the hair over a period of time and make it into a jumper:) Just need to spin it up and away you go. I've thought about doing this myself lol.

    Your little Chickadees are gorgeous and looking forward to your finish on Strawberry Blonde.

    You asked about my love of needlework and whether I got it from Mum. I think I must have. She started first and I followed. We're both passionate about it.

  3. What sweet babies..~~

    smiles to you..

  4. Oh how funny - love the comb-over look :) What perfect models!

  5. LOL
    our dog just walks and the hair falls out.
    What sweet doggies to pose for
    new hair dos!!
    smiles, Deena

  6. Chrissie, I've never seen your blog before, but now that I've found it I won't let it out of my sight! You're too funny, and your stitching is gorgeous! Thanks for inspiring me :o)

  7. Just love the dog hair spares! The models were perfectly behaved and so gorgeous.
    Hugo loves me running the vaccum cleaner over him, gets rid of lots of hair in one suck! This was my way of getting him used to the noise and now he loves it, also if I dry my hair in the morning with the hairdryer I have to do his hair too!

  8. Hello Chrissie,
    Sorry I try to send you a mail to answer to you question on my blog but it doesn't work.
    I used dmc 841.
    Have a great day.

  9. Oh that totally cracked me up!

    LOve it! If you like I have more yellow and chocolate fur for your to be famous Doggie Toupees.