Sunday, 23 November 2008

~ And Finally...

after really lagging behind this month, I have finished my November onrnament in my SAL with Sandra. This month we stitched the With My Needle pin keep from the JCS Ornament 2006 book and it is the 4th in a series of five designs from this designer. Next month is our last ornament and will be the 5th and last one in the series. I just can't believe how quickly this year has passed and it seemed no time since Sandra and I started our little stitch-along.

Here is Sandra's version ...

and my version ...

I have finished something else which is for a Christmas gift so I can't show that as yet. Another little gift I have finished recently is this little pincushion. You may remember the three gorgeous pincushions I received as a gift from my DF Mary back in July. Well this is a similar one I made for my friend, Shirley.

It was fun to make.
Apart from these bits and pieces, progress has been a bit slow on any other WIP's this month. Oh well, there is always next month.
I recently received my lastest pair of Ginghers which are called Sarah. Of course I had to have these as my first Labrador was called Sarah. She was a very beautiful girl and we had her from the age of 10 weeks until she went to Rainbow Bridge at the age of 15 and a quarter. She grew up with the children and was a very special part of our family. "Run free sweet Sarah"

I can't remember where I first saw this picture but look at these little darlings. Too cute but I really hope they were there only for a split second to get the photo and someone underneath to protect them!!!!


  1. Your ornament is lovely Chrissie, well worth the wait :o) It doesn't seem five minutes since we started our monthly stitch along, but am looking forward to our 2009 projects.

  2. Gorgeous work as usual Chrissie and i LOVE the photos of the puppies. I'll have to remember to show my boys that one.

  3. Chrissie, good heavens! that puppy picture, they look pained wearing that gear.
    Thanks for your comments always appreciated. Have a lovely Christmas down there. Wish I was home too.

  4. You're both doing a magnificent job with the ornaments. It's great to see you've stuck with them for the whole year. Well done!

    Love those Gingher scissors. I've got a niece called Sarah - though she's not into needlework at all. :(

    What can I say about that doggy picture. It's so cute!!! Puts a new meaning to the words 'I've had a dog of a day doing washing'. lol (Just took a closer look - little doggy on the right has his tail in a funny position - trust me to notice that. It is his tail isn't it?) :)))

  5. I just read Jane's comment LOL. Your ornaments are great, you must take a picture of them on your tree.