Saturday, 7 February 2009

~ Autumn Song ~

Here is our progress to date on our current SAL ~ Blackbird Designs Autumn Song. Sandra and I are stitching for three hours a week on this one and have just finished week 6.

Here is mine

and here is Sandra's

You can see Sandra has completed a little more in her time than what I have but that is fine. As we both agree, we are supposed to be 'enjoying the journey'.

We are both really enjoying this project and once the stitching is finished we then have the assembling to do which consists of painting the box and applying a crackle finish and lining it which could prove to be quite a challenge. I am also going to attempt to 'antique' my lining fabric which consists of removing the colour and then over-dyeing with tan fabric dye. Sounds interesting!! Watch this space LOL!!

Sandra has some beautiful photos in her album of recent snowfalls at her place on the other side of the world whilst here in Australia, some parts of the country are sweltering in temperatures in the 40's and other parts are having horrific floods. Isn't the weather crazy!!

"Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine. "

~Anthony J. D'Angelo, The College Blue Book


  1. The weather certainly is crazy here, Chrissie. We suffered through the hottest day on record in Melbourne today. Fires are burning throughout Victoria and houses have been lost. Then parts of Queensland have had floods recently. You said it - crazy!

    Your sal is going well. You've done a lot considering the small amount of time you're both putting into it. Looking great!

  2. The weather is even crazier here Chrissie. It's been snowing and the whole of Ever Unready England has ground to a halt!

    Your SAL is really going well. It's so nice that you and Sandra do something every year together even though you are thousands of miles apart. Lots of Love Patti xxx

  3. The stitching are both looking wonderful. I had a quick look at Sandra's album and they are wonderful pictures. Imagine holding a blue tit in your hand. What a pretty bird.

  4. Dreading the box Chrissie, but looking forward to it at the same time, if that makes sense. Hope I don't mess up, I certainly don't want to do all that stitching a second time.

  5. Hi Chrissie, So sorry for your Aussie neighbours to the south, in Victoria. Those fires are so destuctive and lethal. Wishing you lots of rain! I would send some of my Canadian winter if I could. Karen xoxox

  6. It's lovely!!!
    Cross stitch

  7. Both of your SAL pieces are gorgeous!! YGGs!