Thursday, 19 February 2009

~ 'Lellow's' and Other Things ~

What is a 'Lellow', I hear you ask?
Well let me tell you another little bird story about 'The Lellow's'.

We have been recently been entertained by Eastern Yellow Robins around the garden and we named them 'The Lellow's'. This name stems from our little 2 year 9 month granddaughter, darling little Miss Milly, who can talk like a book and can say words of four syllables, but can't yet get her tongue around the word 'yellow'. Well the 'Lellow's' became part of our daily life and we got huge joy from seeing them (a little couple) flying around our garden every day for must have been almost a month or more. We would always be saying to each other' there is 'Mr or Mrs Lellow' as we would watch them looking for insects and grubs. We had got used to their song and in the evenings would sometimes go out and call to them and sit and watch them in the garden. When we called them they would come up and cock their heads to one side to 'size us up' We knew they must have had a nest either in our garden or somewhere nearby but had never found it, however on Saturday, I heard them singing a beautiful chorus and flying around and around the garden but there were now four of them so I think it must have been the parents and their babies and time for them to leave and they were giving us their victory fly over to say their goodbyes. I don't know for sure if that was the case or not but they seem to have left the garden now and I am happy that another generation of birds has enjoyed the use of our garden and given us the pleasure of sharing in a small part of their lives.

You know the old saying ~ 'Good things come in small packages' well, this week proved that when a tiny package arrived in the mail for me from my DF Shirley. Let me show you what she sent me and it isn't even my birthday. How lucky am I!!!!!

This gorgeous stumpwork pansy fob measures only 2 inches square and the pansy is surrounded by delicate gold work and tiny amethyst crystal beads with a deeper purple bead in the centre.
Thank you very much Shirley, I will treasure my fob.

I have not been making a great deal of progress on the stitching front myself over the last week and am even a bit behind in my SAL with Sandra. I need to catch up soon so we can work on the assembly of the box together. Isn't the Internet a wonderful thing how it can bring us together through the enjoyment of our hobby, even although we are on opposite sides of the world.

"And there is pansies, that's for thoughts."

~ William Shakespeare


  1. What a gorgeous fob Shirley has made for you, she is certainly very talented. I love the story of your Lellows, let's hope they will be back soon.

  2. Lol I can relate to your granddaughter - I used to say lellow too! We know what we were trying to say!
    A gorgeous pansy fob too....

  3. Hi Chrissie! I love the Lellow story - I've never seen that kind of Robin = at least I wasn't aware of it if I did see one. You will always call them Lellows from now on. My son, when he was very little heard everyone calling my Rob's mom Irene. He couldn't say Irene so he called her Ineen. It stuck. She has long since passed but we all still refer to her as Ineen.
    Your fob is so pretty! What a lovely gift - Shirley did a great job. Have a great day!

  4. Such a gorgeous fob, Chrissie - you lucky thing! :)

  5. Love the story about the lellows, very sweet.

    Gorgeous gift! It's so pretty.

  6. Oh WOW about that little fob. It is just absolutely gorgeous and beautifully finished as well. I love the stumpwork and wish I could do it.

  7. What a pretty gift. You lucky gal!

    We are still waiting for Spring where I live . . . then the birds will really start to sing :)