Sunday, 1 March 2009

~ Autumn, Beautiful Autumn ~

You probably get the picture - Autumn along with Spring, are my two most favourite seasons. Not that here in the sub-tropics, we get a lot of the beautiful Autumnal colour changes that the cooler climates get, but it will eventually bring a reprieve from the high humidity and very hot temperatures that can be rather exhausting.

My current SAL project seems very appropriate ~ Blackbird Designs ~ Autumn Song. Sandra and I have both finished the box top stitching and Sandra has also finished the box band and has started on the pin cushion, while I am still lagging a little behind and still finishing the alphabet box band.

It is interesting seeing the subtle but noticeable differences in our two projects ~ Sandra's (bottom picture) is stitched on 32 ct even weave fabric with GAST threads and mine (top) is on 30ct Korty's Special Blend linen with WDW threads.

Although I have read over the instructions for assembling the sewing box several times, it is still not really becoming clear to me yet so I can see that being quite a challenge.

On a trip to Brisbane to see my two darling grand-daughters last week, I managed to finally stop off at a little Patchwork shop I had passed by on the way many times before, so this time I stopped off for a look. I picked up these three fat quarters and a pair of cute little floral scissors.

The fabrics are Blackbird Designs from the Harvest Home series and the other Cottage Charm is a sweet sampler design alphabet.

Ben, hasn't made an appearance for a while so here he is enjoying a treat the other day and sporting a little shaved patch on his arm after a trip to the vet for a check over and blood tests. Sadly, he recently gave us another scare when he had a second seizure. The first was last October, and it seems the diagnosis is epilepsy. This apparently, is quite a common thing in dogs and often occurs around Ben's age. (He turns four next month) For the present moment we have made the decision , with the approval from our vet, to watch and wait before making the very serious decision to put him on medication, which will be every twelve hours for his lifetime.

Ben also reminded me that I needed to say thank you to all who take the time to visit our blog and for leaving us comments which we love to receive.

Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree.
~ Emily Bronte


  1. Hello Chrissie, Hi Ben! Sorry to hear that Ben is having seizures. It's no fun getting old (so Cider says).

    I love your blackbird designs. The sampler is lovely.


  2. I love your fat quarters of fabric, at first I thought they were the assembly instruction for the box!! Don't worry about it, we'll manage it with each other's help. Love to Ben.

  3. Yours and Sandra´s work both look beautiful - look forward to seeing them completed into boxes.
    Sorry to hear about beautiful Ben - hope he improves on his own.

  4. Great work by both of you. All the best with Ben too. I hope you can manage his condition without the medication.

  5. Both pieces look wonderful! I stitched this last year and absolutely loved doing it. The finishing wasn't too bad, although I didn't follow the instructions exactly as intended :)

    I hope Ben's condition improves and that he doesn't have to take the medication.

  6. I love your Autumn Song - especially on that fabric. I've done a couple of things on Korty's Special Blend and I really love the color of it. Yours looks awesome. You picked up great stash at the quilt store too!

    I know how concerned you must be about Ben. Sophie and Gracie send him their love and good wishes as do I.

  7. "Autumn Song" is lovely! I just adore fall colors. Stitching projects with fall colors are always among my favorites!

    Poor Ben. I'm sure you'll be taking good care of him, and I hope he'll be just fine.

  8. Hi Chrissie, I hope Ben can do without the medication and feel better soon.

    On the stitching side, both Autumn Song stitches are looking wonderful. You're right in that there are subtle differences. Looking forward to seeing the finishing.

    Take care.

  9. Hi Chrissie, I am so sorry to hear about Ben and hope he doesn't need the medication after all but if he does that it makes him feel better quickly.

    On yours and Sandra's stitching to be honest I haven't even looked at the chart so I don't know how to do this finishing and anyway if it were mine I would send it to Deb to get it finished. Lots of Love Patti xxx

  10. Both yours & Sandra's stitching is wonderful! It's interesting to see the differences between the two pieces. Love the fabric haul!

    Canine cuddles going out to Ben. I hope he can manage without the need for medication.

  11. Both Autumn Songs are looking great. Sorry to hear about poor Ben, I will be thinking of you. Love the 'Lellows' story, too cute.

  12. Hi Chrissie
    Your project with the oak leaves and bird is lovely and I love those fat quarters. Funny to think of you having fall while we are just coming inot spring!
    Thanks for taking the time to comment.
    Hugs, Rhondi