Thursday, 14 May 2009

~ Is it just me? ~

......or do you sometimes not have your 'thinking head on' too?

Yesterday, I was feeling really pleased with myself for doing a couple of days worth of stitching to catch up and finally finish the stitching part of my current SAL, Flowers For Lily. I heaved a sigh of relief and even kind of looked forward to starting on the assembling part of this project today.

This afternoon I thought I would make a start only to find I had made one big BOO BOO!!

Take a look at this photo and see if you can spot it!!

Yes, of course you can. I certainly didn't have my thinking head on when I never thought about leaving enough space between the pieces to allow for seams!! Oh dear, back to the drawing board and I am going to blame it on the horrible cold I have at the moment.

As always, thank you very much for your comments.

OK, I am off to the shop to buy more tissues :(((

Never say, "oops." Always say, "Ah, interesting."
~Author Unknown


  1. Oh, poor you. If you unpick the scissor fob bits, the rest should be fine, and you did say that you thought you had stitched them on the wrong colour linen. Hope your cold gets better soon. Have you stitched the long pincushion side bits by the way?

  2. How frustrating, Chrissie. It's so easy to get carried away when stitching and forget to check what we're actually doing is right. Hope this doesn't deter you from completing your project. With the cold you have at the moment, you're probably not thinking as clear as you normally would. Take care and get better soon!

  3. I seem to wear my "Not thinking cap" more often than I wear the thinking one. Is this over one? Never fun to tear out but it's very pretty! I hope you feel better, soon!!!

  4. Definitely not just you, Chrissie!
    As women we are able to think about a lot of things at one time, so it's only natural that sometimes we get distracted! And your head is probably all stuffed up with the cold.
    Hope you feel much better soon.

  5. AGH!!!!!! I'm so sorry that happened. It must have been the cold germs. :P Hope you're feeling better soon!

  6. Oy, I have embroidered the wrong side before! I have seen many vintage quilts with errors, some say the Amish do it on purpose . . . as "only God is perfect". I think with 12 woman working on one quilt the pattern just gets lost in all the good gossip :)

    Hope Ben is feeling better. Love that You Tube video :)


  7. yup. I think we've all been there! The body is there, the hand is pulling the thread, but the brain is elsewhere either fretting over something (more likely) or just on hold like it needs a gasoline fill-up (also quite likely)!

    BTW, I love the cake stand! What a great idea for the small pieces. I don't have many yet but maybe one day!

  8. Chrissie, I have been right where you are with projects of mine and always wonder why I did what I did and why I didn't catch it earlier.

    I've ripped out many stitches and sometimes had to go all the way back to the beginning! BTW, I love the display you have made with the cake stand! Not only would my dogs be taking offerings for guests, my kitties would be playing hockey all over the kitchen floor with the little pieces of loveliness!

  9. Hi Chrissie!
    Don't be so hard on yourself. That nasty cold has alot to do with the wrong thinking cap on. BTW, the youtube video is sentimental. I boo hooed through it. I am such a sap! Beautiful blog. Beautiful you!

    Linda :-)

  10. oooo,
    you could try to attack the adhesive timtex before, so that the burlap then does not become unstrung and to try to sew…

    ciao Maria
    sorry for my english...