Friday, 15 March 2013

~ My Quilted Patchwork Journal ~

  I followed a nine part  tutorial by Marianne Kensington and had fun creating this quilted patchwork journal.

I followed a tutorial to learn to make the crochet flowers which I have decorated it with.

I made a pocket inside.

I stitched the signatures in using  pamphlet stitch and used a lot of 'precious junk" to fill it.

I did a lot of rough machine stitching on my pages and left loose threads because I like the 'rustic' look.

This was a fun project to do and thanks to Marianne for the great tutorial.

Thanks for dropping by my blog.


  1. I just found your blog and am enjoying reading it! I love your View from my window journals, what a nice idea, I love watching the birds, butterflies in our garden..Oh I hope spring gets here soon!

  2. Just been looking at this project in your album - it's so pretty, what a great idea.

  3. Chrissie this is absolutely beautiful - it must have taken to forever to make it, but is so worth it.

  4. That's so pretty, congrats on the great finish!

  5. Love, love, love your journal!!!!!! And nice to see you posting :-).

  6. Great job, Chrissie! I love the crocheted flowers you added, too. They're a super-nice touch.