Sunday, 11 May 2008

Amazing Resemblance

Have you ever noticed the beautiful shape of a dog's paw? It is a perfect teddy bear shape. Ben's are even fluffy like a real teddy bear and of course the right colour too. I took this photograph to show you what I mean. I was down on the floor practically standing on my head to do this and the next photo captures that ~ 'Mum, what on earth are you doing'? look on his face.

The teddy bear cake is the beautiful birthday cake my DH and DD made for our precious little grandaughter's second birthday. Didn't they make a great job of it and it confirms my theory of the shape. Happy birthday darling Milly!!

Sandra and I have finished our May ornaments and I couldn't wait to see what Sandra had come up with for this month. We kept our colour choices a secret from each other this time we stitched A Needleworker's Pocket by With My Needle from the 2003 Just Cross Stitch Christmas Book. There are three pieces in this series and we are planning to stitch the other two at a later date so we have a nice set.

Here is Sandra's version .....

and my version .....

The background fabric is the fabric we used to line the pockets with. Now we are looking forward to June and even planning what we will do next year.

"Grandchildren are a grandparent's link to the future, and grandparents are the child's link to the past."



  1. I'm enjoying seeing both yours and Sandra's ornaments. I love to see pictures of how people finish things off. There's so many ways.

    I'd look like Ben does if I saw you crouched down on the floor, too!:)

  2. Great cake Chrissie, wish I had been there to share it with you. I don't know if I dare tell you this, but I think there are five pieces in the WMN set altogether 2003 - 2006, with two pieces in the 2006 issue. I'm not going to let you off that lightly!!

  3. Yours and Sandras ornaments are looking great, love the phots of Ben.

  4. Sandra and Chrissie! Beautiful Needlebooks! I'm looking forward to June's ornament too, can't wait to see what you've decided to stitch. You're both fast stitchers to get it stitched and finished so fast!
    Yes, Ben's paws do resemble a teddy bear!

  5. I'm taking some time visiting all of your blog and noticed this paw entry. I had my three grandsons over for a sleep-over last week. Ben, yes, Chrissie, I have a Ben, too, mentioned to me that his dogs' feet (he has two) smell like Fritos. What I find amazing is that I knew that large dogs' feet smelled like Fritos years ago and here was my precious grandson (8) sharing something with me that he would have had to observe and not just be told about his dogs. Smell Ben's feet...Fritos, I bet!

    BTW, I have seven grandchildren. My Ben carries my heart in his heart. He is the one who would rather spend time with a dog than a computer or video game. Last week he brought over his swim suit and we washed Scout in the bath tub. He just loves to climb in there with the dogs to help me scrub them clean. Freyja lucked out this time. Next time she won't be able to hide, hehehe! I'll take some photos to share with you.

    I can't tell you how deeply I love that little grandson of mine knowing that a very important part of me, my love for animals, has been passed on to him. When I am gone, Ben will carry my soul in his pocket.