Saturday, 31 May 2008

Another Stacy

I am really enjoying Stacy Nash Primitives at the moment and I want to show you my second finish.This is "Schoolgirl Sampler Pinkeep Drum"

Stacy's designs are such an enjoyable stitch and I really love experimenting with the coffee dyeing. This time the look I ended up with is quite different as I did the whole drying process in the microwave and it seems to give a much 'blotchier' look which I really like as it looks as though it has been around for years. The really nice thing about coffee dyeing is the smell. The stitching smells great. I found the assembly of the drum quite difficult and decided it really needs to be packed quite tight with the stuffing to get it anything near straight. Mine isn't perfect by any means but I am trying to convince myself it is a 'primitive' look so it maybe shouldn't look perfect :) and of course it is all a learning experience.

It is almost time for Sandra and I to start on our June ornament so I have sorted out the threads and fabric for that. This will be number six for the tin. Hard to believe we are nearly into the 6th month already. I have also been busy on the assembly of a gift for a special person so can't show you that yet :)

It has been very wet here on the Sunshine Coast so it has been good weather to be inside stitching. Ben has been constantly at my side and following in my every footstep. What a darling he is. Constantly being the 'minder'. He does such a good job of it.

"I have found that when you are deeply troubled, there are things you get from the silent, devoted companionship of a dog that you can get from no other source."
~ Doris Day


  1. Chrissie, you've now got me interested in Stacy Nash's designs. I love all things primitive and old looking. This pinkeep drum looks very authentic and you've done such a good job with the coffee dying. Hope you do more of her works in the future.

  2. Great finish Chrissie, it looks just like the original on the chart. Oh no, does this mean Jane will be shopping again!!

  3. The pinkeep drum is gorgeous, and well done with the dyeing. I looked at the web site there are certainly some gorgeous things there. Hope the weather improves for you, I have seen some pictures of the flooding in your area.