Saturday, 27 September 2008

~These Things Take Time~

But I do think almost 7 years is a bit ridiculous, don't you!!!!

I was planning to stitch this for my 30th wedding anniversary and now, almost seven years on, here it is all framed and looking pretty. Well at least it hasn't been a WIP all that time ~ I did finish it but it sat in a drawer for all those years until I recently had it framed. I took it out and thought, it really was pretty and did deserve a place on the wall.
Anyway, here it is, Shepherd's Bush "Twined Hearts" now happily framed and hanging up. These things indeed do sometimes take time but are worth waiting for!!! DH likes it too :)

"You must have been warned against letting the golden hours slip by; but some of them are golden only because we let them slip by."
~James Matthew Barrie


  1. Twined Hearts looks amazing Chrissie, I just love band samplers, with all the speciality stitches. Gorgeous frame and mats too.

  2. It looks wonderful Chrissie - hope you've found a deserved place for it.

  3. I just discovered your blog, and I wanted to comment on how wonderful your stitching is. I, too, am a fan of Carriage House Samplings, Blackbird Designs, La-D-Da and other primitives. (I especially liked your collection of stitched birds.) I'll be back to visit again.

  4. Hi Chrissie! Just thought I'd drop by to see what you've been up to while I was away. I love your Twined Hearts and how you've framed it. Well worth the seven year wait! Congrats too on becoming a second time Nana. You must be so proud.