Saturday, 4 October 2008

~ A Nice Find ~

Don't you love it when you are not really looking for anything in particular and out of nowhere you spot something that really takes your eye. That sometimes happens to me when I am shoppping in my local Spotlight store. It often isn't much ~ can be just a nice tin or something like that but I did spot this recently and just had to have it.

I love this little sewing case. It isn't serving any purpose other than just looking pretty sitting on display :)

Nothing much to report about on the stitching front. I have been having a few 'false starts' on a little project I am working on for a gift. I have already made three attempts and am still not happy so Plan D is about to happen after I have finished posting this blog entry.
Sandra and I have our October stitch-along ornament to do as well so I am going to have to put my head down and get on with things as I haven't made a start on mine as yet although I know Sandra has started hers. I am usually lagging behind :)

Ben asked me to post this picture to show you his special Guide Dog blankie. No, he is not a guide dog ~ but we like to support Guide Dogs and when I saw this blankie I thought it would suit him perfectly. Only problem is, when it is on his bed, I sometimes have to look twice to see if it is actually him sleeping in it or just the pictures of the lovely puppies on the blankie :)


  1. Ben looks lovely and cozy on his special blanket. Not making much progress on October Chrissie, wasted a whole days stitching yesterday on my SAL with Britta, it was all wrong!!

  2. The unexpected finds are often the best. This happens to me when out shopping - you spot something you just have to have. Lovely doggie blanket too. Looks like Ben is loving it!

  3. I just love finding unexpected treasures! I always say my name is on the label, so what can I do? I just have to buy it and take it home where it belongs. The spelling of jakaranda? This is the Afrikaans spelling and somehow I prefer it. Oh, you should see them now! They line our streets! I will post some more pics over the weekend. Love your blanket! I found the most amazing T Shirt with a golden, black and chocolate Lab on it. Will have to photograph that too and post it just for you. Happy stitching and love to Doggo from Doggos! Eleanor