Friday, 17 October 2008

~ The Joys of Nature ~

Early this week whilst DH and I were walking around our garden, we inadvertently disturbed a little bird which flew out of one of the trees. On closer inspection, we discovered a nest. I was really concerned that we may have frightened the resident away and she might not return but later I discovered I could actually see her nest from right inside my house and sure enough she returned.

Now back in August, I remember writing in my blog about a little bird that on two occasions had visited me right outside my sewing room in that same tree. Now, I don't know if this is the very same little bird but I like to think it might be and that she had been checking me out to see if I would be a suitable neighbour. Well, I am sticking to my theory, she must have been happy about me being a neighbour and has returned to build her nest there and now I can watch her sitting on her eggs. I am totally addicted to watching her and find myself checking on her several times a day. She looks so cute with her little black head poking up one side of the nest and her tail stitcking out the other side. Her nest is like a deep basket. She takes lots of 'tea/toilet' breaks from sitting on the eggs but always returns to keep them warm. I can't wait to see/hear when her eggs are hatched and will be delighted to have babies right outside my window.
Okay, now I know you are going to think I have totally lost it but I have a confession to make. I play music for her at nights so she has something nice to listen to and I also talk to my plants :)) I was really concerned about her the other night when we had a storm with thunder, lightening and heavy rain but she was fine the next morning. I am unsure what type of bird she is but I am really enjoying watching her dedication to the task she is performing.

This beautiful picture is one which Dawn, from appropriately, "The Feathered Nest" has shared on her blog. Thank you Dawn.

"Poor indeed is the garden in which birds find no homes".
~Abram L. Urban


  1. She sounds like she could be a Willie Wagtail?

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog! Your stitcheries look wonderful!

  3. I just sent you a comment, but didn't like the anonymous part. Have a wonderful day and a fun weekend! Simone

  4. How wonderful to have a little feathered friend! I remember many years ago we had a little bird sit on our line outside and sing at the top of its lungs. It was amazing. It was there for one season only and it was a time which we really needed that singing in our lives. Enjoy your little friend and the brood to come!

  5. I found myself talking to a stuffed dog yesterday as I was cleaning up and thought I must tell Chrissie!! I love the bird sketch, that's what 'your' chicks might look like in a few weeks time. Hope they enjoy the music.

  6. Hi Chrissie, your little neighbour sounds wonderful. Do you think you could get a picture from the window? That would be sweet :)


  7. Hi Chrissie, I would love to have your little neighbour she sounds absolutely delightful. I come here again and again just to read your blog and listen to the songs you have on here. Please keep us up-to-date about your newest neighbour.