Tuesday, 12 February 2008

A Learning Curve

Well, I have spent hours trying trying to find my way around attempting to make my blog look interesting but as you can see with little success as yet. Oh well, these things take time and practise. Let's see if I can post a picture. .......

Well, there you are, I did it!! Introducing Ben, the Shadow part of Me and My Shadow. Ben is my beautiful, gorgeous Labrador. Never far from my side and my self appointed 'minder'. I just love him to bits.
Here he is modelling a cushion I stitched. It is from a La D Da chart called 'Now I Lay Me'. La D Da are one of my favourite designers and I think Ben makes a perfect model for this one.


  1. Welcome to blog world Chrissie. It's taken me a while to learn about blogging, posting, and adding things to the sidebar. I'm sure you'll pick it up along the way, there's no rush.
    Your albums are beautiful, what a pleasure to look at. I have linked yours and Sandra's albums on my Picasa albums too, hope you don't mind.
    Your dog is gorgeous. I bet he's such a placid thing. Though he's doing a bit too much relaxing on the job. I know the modelling world is tough, but does he have to lay down on the job? :)
    BTW thanks for you comment on my blog - keep in touch.

  2. I made the same design -- and gave it to a friend!! It was a fun stitch : )