Friday, 15 February 2008


Another thing I really like are tins. I am always looking out for interesting tins. We don't seem to see the lovely Whitman's Sampler tins or the Altoid tins that the US girls find over there but occasionally there is a nice little tin to be found. I found these cute little heart shaped tins that were available for Valentines Day.
Of course they have yummy Lindt chocolate inside but I really had to have them just for the tin........yes, really!!


  1. Those tins are gorgeous and I bet the chocolates were just yummy. I will have to look for the Altoid tins when I go to the US later this year.

  2. You can have the tins Chrissie, and I'll have what's inside. Great start to blogging - I love it.

  3. Hi Chrissie! I followed your new signature link on Legacy to get here. Welcome to you and Ben to the blogging world.